Expert Talks

Reimagining Business Processes in Connected World with SAP Leonardo Internet of Things

June 19 | 2018

IoT has become mainstream topic and considered as key enabler of digital transformation as we are moving towards connected world. This creates lot of opportunities to redefine and simplify business process as industrial data and business data gets closer. SAP Cloud Platform IoT enables connecting things to processes and people allowing transforming business process in a digital environment. In this webinar, I will discuss SAP Leonardo IoT portfolio, use-cases with Internet of Things and how to engage with it.

Delivering Compelling Experience for Enterprise Mobility

May 22 | 2018

Mobile has emerged as the face of digital innovation and its users expect superior and compelling experience. This requires businesses to deliver enterprise apps to its workforce and customers that are innovative, intuitive, ergonomic, consistent and easy to use. SAP Mobile service with its other services enable rapid development and delivery of superior quality mobile application while providing all necessary platform services. In this webinar, he discusses SAP Mobile strategy and explore SCP mobile application development capabilities with a sample application.

Enable Agile Apps and DevOps on traditional ERP landscape

Feb 15 | 2018

Digital Technologies have significantly disrupted business world and forced IT organizations to adopt bi-modal capabilities and focus on innovation, delivering more values to their organization. It creates wealth of new opportunities but even more new constraints and question marks. SAP Cloud Platform is a perfect solution in this scenario and enables development of agile and innovative applications and perform DevOps on SAP Landscape. In this webinar, he explains SAP Cloud Platform and its micro services, take cockpit walkthrough and develop sample application.


Future of Enterprise Mobile Applications

March 22 | 2018

Mobile has evolved as the primary interface to interact with Business Systems, transforming the experience of work and driving the productivity and efficiency of employees. Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2018 identifies technologies that are also starting to be used in enterprise mobile applications delivering unique user experience and increased workplace engagement. Let's take a look at few examples of how these technologies have been used in enterprise mobile applications.

What insights can be uncovered about your business in the connected era?

April 14 | 2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming how we live and work. Take vending machines, for instance. While traditional vending machines give customers anonymity and convenience, they don’t provide any meaningful customer interaction beyond delivering their order. Smart vending machines are embedded with sensors and connected to a network of other vending machines, smartphones and other wearable devices.

Reinventing business with SAP Cloud Platform

May 11 | 2017

Agility is the common thread, but what I’d like to talk about here is how SCP delivers a wealth of transformative digital capabilities, such as mobility, IoT services and advanced analytics. Let’s take a quick look at how they translate into concrete benefits for business.

7P's of marketing mix for Product Managers

Sept 10 | 2014

The marketing mix is a business tool used for marketing products and services, to determine the product or brand’s offering, and is often associated with the four P's: Product, Price, Place and Promotion, extending to three more P’s: People, Process and Physical Evidence. Each “P” of the marketing mix has its own significance and all of them should be evaluated altogether for a perfect marketing plan.